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Join our head designer, Mary-Ellen, as she tells us more about the materials, hardware, and customization options available to help you design your one-of-a-kind custom kitchen. Visit us at for more information and get ready to make your dream kitchen a reality!

How do I care for my kitchen cabinets?

Link to video.

What if I scratch my cabinet?

A touch up pen and a soft fill stick will be provided with your order so that you can fill in scratch and nicks or gougue.

Can I purchase your cabinets unfinished?

No. Our cabinets are all finished at the factory on all exposed sides to ensure quality and colour consistency.

What is framed construction?

This means that the frame fixed to the front of a cabinet body which obscure the edges of the body and provides the fixing point for doors and other external hardware. A face frame provides strength to the front of a cabinet and is also considered a visual feature of particular styles of furniture.

Where can I purchase your cabinet?

Our cabinets can be purchased exclusively online at

What do I need to know about wood cabinets?

Natural woods may vary in colour, characteristics and exhibits subtle changes as they age, resulting in cabinet colours and finishes lightening, darkening or changing over time. Also, humidity and temperature changes can cause wood to expand and contract. This can result in breaks in the base or finish coat at the joint areas. Sunlight, smoke, household cleaners, and other environmental conditions may also affect the colours and integrity of your finish over time. These are all normal changes that occur in a product as a consequence of its material and the environment is used in, and are not covered by the warranty. A touchup kit is provided with the products or can ordered to reduce the appearance of cracks.

At the time of installation, doors may warp a 1/4″ or less, which is normal. The doors must be allowed to set which will take two (2) seasons (e.g., spring and summer). Typically, the doors will return to its normal flat state after the two seasons, once the product acclimates to the installed environment. If the warpage still exists after two seasons, contact us as noted below. Prior to requesting any replacement, please be sure that the problem is not due to an incorrect installation.

How do I adjust the hinges?

Adjusting the hinges are simple. We’ve made a tutorial video to give you a detailed explanation step by step. Click here¬†to view the tutorial video.

What is the warranty?

Link to warranty statement.

Do you sell countertops?

No, we only sell cabinets.

How can I view your cabinetry in person before making my purchase?

Our showroom is currently under construction. However, we know how important it is for our customers to see the quality & colour of our cabinetry so we welcome local customers to visit us by appointment to view samples and swatches. Please contact us to make an appointment

If you are outside of the GTA, we will send you a mini door swatch absolutely free.

What if I need a cabinet not available in your in-stock program?

It’s no problem. We also manufacture custom cabinet so let us know what you need and we can have it built for you. There may be additional lead-time required for this, we will advise you of the details when we discuss the design of your kitchen.

What if I already have a kitchen design?

Great! Just send it through and we can work with it to give you a quotation.

Do I have to assemble your cabinet?

No. All of our cabinets come fully assembled.

Do your cabinets come with door hardware ( i.e. knobs and pulls?)

No, we don’t supply the door hardware.

How can I get replacement hinges, drawer slides etc.?

Give us a call or drop us an email and we can make arrangements to get you the part you need.

How do I measure my kitchen

Link to video. Download the Measuring Kit Here.

How do I adjust the shelves?

Link to video.

Do you deliver anywhere in Canada?

Yes we do.

What if I need additional cabinets?

No problem. We can do a new design for you for the space that you need the cabinets for. Our cabinets are colour matched for consistency.

How do I remove and reinstall the drawers?

Link to video.

How quickly is your cabinetry delivered?

Delivery of your custom cabinetry is approximately 8 to 10 weeks.

Can I get a sample door?

Yes. In fact we insist on sending you a mini door sample before you place your order so you can see the quality and the colour.

What does solid wood construction mean?

Our cabinets are all wood. Each cabinet is constructed furniture grade plywood with solid hardwood (Maple) face-frames. You will not find any particleboard in our cabinets.

Do you recommend professional installation?

Yes we strongly recommend that your cabinets are installed by a licensed professional installer. See our warranty statement for further details. Link to Warranty